SEAWEED PEEL OFF MASK (3 Pouches) all skin type single app

SEAWEED PEEL OFF MASK (3 Pouches) all skin type single app

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Seaweed Mask

 Firms, Lifts, Brightens and Hydrates! Total Pore-less Detox.

 The Seaweed Complex, rich in Vitamins and Minerals, not only acts as a protective barrier but also helps to retain water giving the epidermis greater hydration and elasticity while toning and smoothing  the skin surface.  Excellent protein source bringing elasticity and lifting effect to the skin.  Increases firmness while reducing wrinkles and lines.

 The Sea Salt Extract and Rosemary Oil has a flawless detoxifying healing soothing effect.  Unclogs pores, fights bacteria/acne and brightens dull skin.  Comedogenic.

 Wheat Seed Extract -  rich in Vitamins A, D and E - builds collagen while  exfoliating hydrating, plumping and smoothing the skin.  Visible lift for Face and Neck.  Boosts skin firmness.  Relaxes and Heals the skin reducing lines and wrinkles.

 Key Ingredients:  Brown Algae, Green Algae, Sea Salt Extract, Wheat Seed Extract (Vitamins A, D & E), Rosemary Oil

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