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Ageless Primer BB Gel 30ML

The result is Radiant, Natural and Ageless.  This potent Beauty Base (BB) gel creates on the skins surface a bright smooth plump tight complexion with a bright matt finish.  The precious pearls blend into the skin instantly and naturally. The skins surface is smooth, tight and radiant.

The Gingko Biloba Extract and the LMW Sodium Hyaluronate deeply penetrate the skin resulting in a firmer, plumped appearance naturally reducing the appearance of lines.  The small molecular weight ensures that the water is stored and retained in the tissue of the skin.  While active naturals, Lecithin and Castor Oil,  further promote the restoration of the barrier function preventing moisture loss from deep layers of the complexion.  At the same time, they are reducing inflammation while stimulating collagen production.

The surface of the skin is smooth and conditioned by Mannitol and Zea Mays creating a moisturized dry smoothed skin leaving no residual shine and oiliness.

The Ascorbic Acid and the Sodium Phytate work together to create a radiant lightened glow penetrating through the skin while reducing chelation.

The result is Radiant, Natural and Ageless. 

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