AGE BARRIER Facial Cream 3.4 oz

AGE BARRIER Facial Cream 3.4 oz

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Age Barrier Cream

Younger, Healthier & more Radiant Skin

Resveratrol, a polyphenol antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes, helps fight visible signs of aging, exhibits skin lightening and antioxidant benefits in conjunction with a powerful muscle-relaxing blend of peptides that soften facial features, generate collagen and elastin improving the skin’s complexion and reducing inflammation.  Deeply hydrating Resveratrol Cream moisturizer luxuriously promotes smoother, more resilient skin with resveratrol, combined with soothing, moisturizing cereal extracts to help boost skin’s natural moisture barrier and bolster its defenses against environmental stresses.

Squalene is an anti-aging asset that soothes, nurtures, and moisturizes skin thanks to olive-derived squalane oil and hyaluronic acid - which have been known to improve cellular function, skin texture (minimizes pores), tone (evens out complexion), and color (revives natural glow so that complexion is less ashen).

The combination of the Apricot Kernel Oil and Jojoba Oil further promotes healing and calming of redness and irritation.

The result? Younger, healthier, and more radiant skin.

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